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Writing Services

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Alison can read and dissect the latest scientific studies and create fact-based articles that engage your readers and increase traffic to your blog, newspaper, magazine, or newsletter.


The key to selling your nutrition product or service is to connect it to scientific-based information that attracts consumers.  Use my nutrition expertise as part of your overall marketing campaign.

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Consumers are overloaded with health and wellness websites and information. Command clear, concise writing on your website that attracts ideal clients to your nutrition and health products and services.

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Get a nutrition expert behind your next PR campaign. Press releases, FAQs, one sheets, email pitches, and talking points written with evidence-based facts and attached to a registered dietitian’s stamp of approval.

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Attention-grabbing copy for advertisements, brochures, flyers, direct mail pieces, newsletters, catalogs, food labels, supplement labels, and more.

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Do you need nutrition-savvy lectures for the classroom? Are you  in need of a registered dietitian to provide expert writing for a chapter or case study in a textbook? Alison can use her adjunct professor and textbook contribution experience to create the perfect academic content for your classroom lectures or textbook.

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Alison can use her experience working as an adjunct professor of nutrition and CPE program editing experience to write and edit continuing education programs in nutrition.




Hire a nutrition expert to speak at your next event! Alison knows how to engage an audience with experience speaking to both professional audiences and the general public. Her past audiences include professional jockeys, half and full marathon runners, respiratory patients, diabetics, physical therapy patients, doctors and nurses, and a local chapter of a non-profit organization.

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