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Are you ready to stop obsessing about food, exercise, and your body size? Ready to let go of food rules, stop criticizing yourself and comparing your body to others? Disordered eating, eating disorders, and chronic dieting/restriction sucks the life out of us. Getting to a better place mentally and physically won’t happen overnight. My 8-week private counseling program can help you un-learn years of diet culture. Schedule a FREE 20 minute discovery call with me to find out how we can work together and get a feel for if I’m the right dietitian for you!

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Private Intuitive Eating Counseling

This is an eight-week intuitive eating counseling program conducted online. You can email me questions in between sessions for continuous support. Each session will take approximately one hour and are conducted virtually using Zoom or Skype. Online sessions means flexible scheduling from the comfort of your home or at work!! Book a FREE 20-minute discovery call with me below!

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COMING SOON …. Intuitive Eating Foundations Online Course

Explore how to be more accepting of your body while building a healthier relationship with food and exercise. I will lead eight 1-hour sessions in an online, small group setting to get help you ditch diet thoughts. Each session will be interactive and you will have access to me in between sessions via email for any personal questions. You will also be added to my private Facebook group where course participants share thoughts, ask questions, and create a supportive community throughout your intuitive eating journey. If you are interested in a group course option, click the link below and add your email address to my list for more information!