Episode 5: How My Disney Trip Helped My Intuitive Eating Journey

How My Disney Trip Helped My Intuitive Eating Journey

Do you obsess too much about exercise and eating while on vacation that it ends up ruining your trip? Vacation is a good place to start practicing intuitive eating so you can enjoy your trip!

When you are so knee-deep in disordered eating, controlling every morsel of food that enters your mouth, and never straying from a rigid exercise schedule, you can’t just take a vacation from that when you’re on vacation. I know this because I couldn’t do it.

When our family went on our first Disney trip in 2017 I was dabbling on and off with intuitive eating. That trip was the first trip in years where I didn't torture myself with exercise and obsessive-compulsive thoughts about what I was eating and what could be happening to my body. 

This episode corresponds with my latest blog post, How My Disney Trip Helped with My Intuitive Eating Journey. Check it out and if you don't like reading listen to this episode instead!